Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Longhairlovers Interview with Combmaker Ric Carpenter

Ric Carpenter, "The Combmaker" of Sierra Legacy Hardwood Combs in Oregon, is a firm believer that hardwood combs are not only good for your hair, they're good for the environment and for society.

RC: "Twenty five years ago, I was working in quality control in Los Angeles. I put a prayer or dream out there because I wanted to live in the country, breath deep and have a life outside the fast lane.

"I had no clue of course, had never worked in wood. One thing led to another and I took a caretaker position looking at, more than after, 20 acres in the country. Part of my dream was to find a livelihood that was good for me and the person receiving that handmade product. Hardwood combs do just that. I believe we affect each other one way or the other all the time. This is how I am pursuing peace on earth."

LHL: "On your site, you say that you hand make your combs with special tools you developed."

RC: "I developed the concept and had the saw and jigs built by a machinist. I have been making combs this way for 20 years now."

LHL: "Why are hardwood combs better for hair than any other type?"

RC: "A well-crafted wide tooth comb slides smoothly through hair, without stretching the hair. It will not strip the hair's oils, it feels good on the scalp and in the hand, and it gets better with age, much like people do. Prized possessions sometimes do not have to cost a great deal."

Large and Small Handle Detangler Combs

Ric offers four hand carved styles to choose from: a Long Handled Comb for medium to long hair, a Palm Comb suitable for purse or pack, a Braiding Comb, a Vest Pocket Comb, a Small Comb and an Anti-Gravity hair pin.

In addition to the variety of styles, Ric carves his combs from different types of wood, including Black Cherry, Peruvian Black Walnut, Birdseye Maple, Quilted Maple, White Oak, Madrone, Hawaiian KOA, Padouk, Pareba Rosa, Santos Mahogany, Canary Wood, Goncala Alves, Bubinga, Purpleheart and Che Chen.

Each order includes a brochure with photos of long-haired beauties Crystal Gayle and Mary Tucker along with the words, "Your hair . . . is important to you, so celebrate it with your own wooden comb."

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