Monday, May 23, 2011

Hair Model Secrets

Professional hair models Doris Weldon and Katie Chonacas share their secrets to gorgeous hair.

Doris' Hair Type

 Doris Weldon

“My hair is very thick and naturally coarse - as is a lot of curly hair. It’s also long, falling to about the middle of my back. My hair is naturally dry…so moving away from the humidity in Georgia where I’m from and coming to the dry air in Los Angeles initially left me with even dryer hair that needed extra attention to keep it from becoming brittle.

 “While my hair is a shade of red (I call it Feisty Pumpkin), it has many different strands of colors that are all natural. The red strands are the thickest and most coarse and curly. The lighter blonde and even white strands are very thin and easily breakable, but are more wavy than kinky. (I once had a stylist on a set argue with me saying that I must have highlights to have so many different colors in my hair - but I don’t have highlights or any artificial coloring, I’ve always had many shades… of course, it has gotten darker as I’ve gotten older, though.)”

Doris' Hair Care Routine

“Daily care for my hair includes shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and some sort of alcohol-free styling product to define the curls. Then, I allow it to air-dry. I never blow-dry or diffuse. Brushing - never! Combing - only while in the shower during the conditioning step.
“The shampoo and conditioner I use varies from $1.00 VO5 Balsam and Protein (but not the pretty scented ones, they don’t work as well) to $20 Catwalk Curls Rock from Tigi. I also really like the Hydrating Curls line from Pantene and the Moist line from Aussie.

“I tend to mix and match my leave-in conditioning and styling products depending on the level of strength I need (whether it’s a beach day with lots of breeze or a day in the desert with sun and dry air or a plane trip with lots of window-pressed sleeping and hair-smashing). Some of my favorites include Catwalk Curls Rock from Tigi, Sebastian Potion 9, Equalizer from Zerran, C-System Styling Conditioner from Mop, Beyond the Zone Noodle Head, and Herbal Essence Maximum Hold mousse for curls.

“Monthly care includes a deep conditioning treatment with lots of oils to rehydrate my hair and scalp. My stylist has also recommended that I coat my hair with olive oil before going to the beach to allow the natural heat from the sun to work with the oils to condition.

“I’ve never tried scalp massages, but after reading about them at, it’s definitely something I am excited about trying. Hey, every girl loves a real reason to get a massage. It’s pampering but vital to my career as well – I like that.

“I don't drink caffeine... in fact, I only rarely get small dosages from eating chocolate. I don't do caffeine because I don't like the way it makes me feel, but an added benefit of being caffeine-free is hair health. I read that caffeine and carbonated drinks can block maximum hair growth potential.”

Doris' Hair Care Secrets

“Find a stylist that truly understands your hair. We all have different textures and hair needs. My personal stylists in L.A. and Georgia both have naturally curly, coarse hair. I chose them because they have a first-hand knowledge of how to cut and treat curls."

“For those with long, thick hair who opt against using blow dryers, try this trick: when you wake up late and don’t have 3 hours to allow your hair to dry before your appointment or shoot or class, turn the heat on high while driving your car and point it at your head.

“Here's another secret to try: after rinsing the conditioner from your hair with warm water, do a quick splash of cold water for shine. I told my stylist back home in Georgia about this trick and she said it helps in another way as well. She said the cold water closes the pores in your scalp that were opened with the hot water, and in closing, they trap the good things you just added, including moisturizers and oils.”

Doris' Hair Modeling Experience

“Being a hair model is both exciting and surreal. As a child growing up, I hated having red, curly hair. I wanted it to be blonde and straight. And now… well, my hair is an asset. It’s what makes me unique. My face is okay… my body is boy-like… but my hair is what allows me to work as a model. People may not remember my name, but they remember my hair. It’s both a blessing and a curse in that regard! I can never hide or be a face in the crowd as long as my hair is exposed.

“When I was growing up I continuously heard, 'I love your hair,' from adults. But never from kids my age. I was tall, thin and red-headed, so you can imagine the comments I got in middle school. Then, suddenly, Nicole Kidman appeared on the Hollywood scene and my hair became cool. Thanks, Nicole! That’s when things sort of turned around for me. I started really liking my hair. And so did the people around me. The comments became, 'What color do you use on your hair? Who perms your hair?' And my response was, 'My dad gave me these curls as a birthday present.'”

“The jobs I get called out on range from product catalog shoots to specific photo projects for photographers.

“Stylists generally take it pretty easy on my hair. Most who know and understand how curls work also understand that if they play with it too much, the curls will separate and it will become just one big fuzzy, frizzy mess. But, I have had a few wild dos. One woman who worked for Sebastian Hair and Skin Products wrapped my hair into five cones on top of my head that looked like the crown on the Statue of Liberty. She then dreaded the small amount she left hanging in the back. I was taken out onto the beach in Hilton Head for a shoot looking like that! As the photographer, hair lady, lighting guy and I paraded along the sand, one small boy asked his mother, 'Mom, what is she?'”

Katie's Hair Type
Katie Chonacas

“My hair isn't thick, I just have a lot of it. My hair is considered long, but to me, it's the shortest it's been in years. I recently cut 12 inches off and donated to kids with leukemia.”

Katie's Hair Care Routine

“I wash my hair once a week. It's not good to wash it every day because the oils can't get to the bottom fast enough. I brush my hair every day, all the time: in the morning, during the day and even hundreds of brush strokes at night. I always sleep with my hair down, never tied up. While it's wet I never twist it too tight because it's not good for it, it breaks the hair.

“I get a scalp massage once a month... I love them so much! Also, sometimes while I'm in my shower I pinch my scalp myself. I get deep conditioning treatments once a month. Also, I love taking Vitamin E. It makes your hair strong and helps it grow faster.”

Katies' Hair Modeling Experience

“Before a shoot, sometimes the stylists blow dry and flat iron my hair. Sometimes they braid it or do updos and a whole bunch of funky things.

I love hair modeling! It's all about beauty and glorifying who you are and what women want to be.”

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