Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Springtime Changes

Rex Dador Michelle Vance
From Stylist Rex Dador and Colorist Michelle Vance
of Tom Brophy Salon

Spring's longer days and warmer weather often prompt women to make a hairstyle and color change to usher in the new season. This Spring, fashion forecasters predict several new lengths for hair as well as more natural looking hair color.

According to Rex Dador, Stylist at Tom Brophy Salon in Beverly Hills, "Cuts are getting shorter--pixie length--like that of Rihanna or Victoria Beckham, and we will see lots of bobs such as Taraji P. Henson's graduated bob look at the 2009 Oscars.

"Bobs are timeless, versatile and can be easily modified from trendy to classic by cutting layers or leaving the hair one length." For long hair, Dador foresees fuller bangs or fringe.
"Jessica Alba wears this look on the March Elle magazine cover. Bangs add edge to long hair and they are cut much fuller this season."

Given the tight economy, Dador recommends finding ways to extend the life of a haircut. For example, he suggests asking your stylist for a complimentary bang trim in-between hair cuts.

"That way, you can go a bit longer without having your hair cut twice." Dador also recommends conditioning treatments for longer hair.

"Moisturizing treatments help to keep hair healthy by preventing split ends from traveling up the hair shaft. This extends the life of the hair cut, meaning less time and money in the salon."

According to Michelle Vance, Color Specialist at Tom Brophy Salon, "Spring is the time to stay away from very dark colors, and go lighter. Select colors that are bold but natural, such as the golden-beige tones Kate Winslet had at the Oscars.

"This Spring is all about looking natural and effortless, with blended color," Vance says. "For redheads, I recommend lots of copper tones, and for brunettes, lots of cool chocolate tones. To ensure natural results, make sure your colorist weaves the hair instead of slicing the sections."

To keep color maintenance costs in check, Vance recommends keeping hair optimally conditioned.

"The better condition your hair, the greater longevity of the color," she says. "In essence, less time and money spent in the salon." Vance recommends using products that contain UV & thermal protectants as the weather gets warmer in order to prolong hair color and prevent fading.
Finally, if budget allows, Vance recommends splurging on a longer-lasting, in-salon conditioning treatment.

"These conditioning hair treatments can further prolong hair color and minimize color fading. A customized treatment such as Collagen Hair Therapy offered at the Tom Brophy Salon is designed to restore and repair any type of damage, improve elasticity and strength from inside out."
The Tom Brophy Salon offers a variety of specialized services including a three step hydrating treatment, scalp cleansing massage,  and straight perm/retexturizer. For more information call 310.858.8780 or visit http://www.tombrophyhair.com/.

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