Thursday, May 31, 2012

Introducing My Best CurlFriend.. By Dahlia Kurtz

Our Curly Hair Solutions™ Ambassador, pop culture writer Dahlia Kurtz shares her experience with getting her curls cut and styled by Jonathan Torch at the Curly Hair Institute.

Introducing My Best Curlfriend...

I often say my hair is more of a landmark than a style.
People know me for my hair. When it’s pulled back, it’s almost as if I’m incognito.
Blonde (and blonder) corkscrew curls seem to burst out of my head from every direction – controlled  chaos. I don’t try to control how my hair lands, but I do try to control how big it goes.
You know, the bigger the taller. After all, I’m only five-feet, well five-four if you include my hair.

It almost doesn’t matter how I’m dressed or whether or not my face is made up, because all anybody ever seems to notice is my hair. It gets compliments from straighties, and lots of questions from curlies:
“Is that real?”
“How do you get so much volume?”
“How do you make your curls do that?”
“What product do you use?”
At this point, my poker-straighty husband even knows how to answer them.
But today, I shall reveal some of my secrets …

First, I must issue a disclaimer: I am a curly hair ambassador for CHS, which to some may mean I have a bias in writing this, but in actuality it means that I truly stand by its products and stylists. After all of the hair traumas (ladies, I’m sure you’ve been there, and, husband, I know you’ve even been there) I’ve experienced in my life, I would NEVER put my precious tresses in the hands of anybody who couldn’t make them look, at the very least, spectacular.

So ...
Secret #1 – Jonathan Torch
Jonathan is the founder of the Curly Hair Institute in Toronto and he’s the mad-scientist behind the Curly Hair Solutions product line. My oft-bragged about stylist, not only has Jonathan innovated ways to cut curls, but he has also formulated products specifically for frizz-free coils, waves and ringlets that are indispensable and accessible (across North America).
When Jonathan cuts my hair, it’s like he’s creating an architectural structure (like I said, it is a landmark). He even cuts ribbons of hairs to work as “support beams” that give extra boost to the style (and height to this shorty). If each curl has its own personality, how could you scissor each one the same? I may only have up to an inch or so of length removed in some places, but each curl gets its own cut, so it’s not as cut-(and-style-)and-dry as a typical trim. A hairdresser who gets it.

Secret #2 – Product, product, product, prod- (you get the idea …)
One of my greatest fears in life is being stranded on a deserted island without any product. Without lotions ‘n potions, I don’t get the volume, nor do I get the definition (or compliments).
Every curly will discover her own routine for styling, and for my type of locks it requires a lot more stuff than appear to be in my hair. (But, no matter how much CHS brand solutions you use, you’ll find that none are goopy or heavy, so you can never really put too much in.)

Some people curl up with their favourite books; I curl up with my fav products. Out of the shower the routine begins:
1. Spray Slip all over. Wait 30 seconds then brush. It de-tangles like magic and protects colour.
2. Add Curl Keeper until you hear a squishy sounds all over when you squeeze handfuls of hair.
3. Silk Leave-In Conditioner joins the party.
4. In the opposite direction of my hair growth, and from scalp to end, I use a Root Brush to pull through the product evenly. This distributes the Curl Keeper and Conditioner, as well, it adds much-loved volume.
5. Since brushing through the Curl Keeper removes some, I add a little extra for good measure.
6. In parts where I want extra volume (around the crown) I position Curl Clips.
7. Air-dry until crispy (sort of like baking until golden brown, but not).
8. Blow-dry with a diffuser, upside-down, adding Tweek (a cream-like hairspray) at the roots and ends in a scrunching motion, as needed. And making sure at the roots to delicately lift my hair with my fingertips.
9. Blow-dry, blow-dry, blow-dry.
10. Tweek, Tweek, Tweek. (Love, love, love.)

11. And if I’m not going anywhere, or while I’m on my way in the car, I again place Curl Clips where I want more volume. It is remarkable what those cheap little suckers can do.
And, that is my product routine - the abridged version.

Secret #3 – Neglect
Huh? Neglect? How can a girl who just gave an abridged version 11-points long say she neglects her hair?
Well, day-after hair only needs a spritzing of water to re-style. Sometimes some curl clips in strategic points. Sometimes some blow-drying with a diffuser to bounce it back up. Maybe some extra Tweek. The more days it goes without washing the more beauteous it becomes.
So there you have it. Some of my key secrets in keeping my curls in check. And to this day, I’m still learning new tricks for the tresses. Stay tuned. I’ll keep you posted.
And the fromance continues …

Click here to read the original article on Dahlia's website. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Shopping Experience at

Curly Hair Solutions  (CHS) officially launches a newly revamped website designed to be user friendly for “curlies” shopping virtually.  With the understanding that no two curls are alike, Curly Hair Solutions have transferred that ideology to their website. With the understanding that no two online shoppers are the same, now curly hair consumers can have a seamless and stress-free online shopping experience, with a click of a button. 

Products, Accessories, Starter Kit Pages:
Shop by Product Categories; Shampoo, Conditioners or Styling Products, as well as customizing product searches to see what exact Curly Hair Solutions products fit the consumers curl type.  Take the QuickShoproute and add multiple items to a Shopping Cart without leaving the page. Not ready to purchase but know what you want? Continue on the QuickShop route and add items to a specific WishList instead.  
Shopping Cart:
The CHS Shopping Cart has been upgraded to allow user to easily modify items in their cart. Get an estimated total on a purchase, by filling in a Promotion Code, Zip/Postal Code and/or Shipping Country in a ‘Detailed Pricing Preview’ box before proceeding to checkout. Remember all orders over $100 get free shipping!

The New WishList feature helps consumers remember the natural hair products they want to purchase, and buy later.  Shoppers can access their WishList by signing into a registered CHS account and add items to the cart when the consumer is ready to place an order.

Mini Cart:
The Mini Cart lets curly hair consumers add and remove products directly to a Shopping Cart as well as being able to view all the items while the consumer continues to shop the website. 

Visit the NEW Products page and start shopping!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Long Hairstyles in 2012

To have long hair - a considerable luxury, because for them, you need a special meticulous care. Long tresses need regular moisture, as the scalp produced by the fat does not have time uniformlydistributed over the entire surface of the hair. As a result, the ends become dry, brittle, posechenny.
But at the same time, long hair - it's a whole field for the imagination, it is an opportunity every day to be different, to change, without losing femininity. Long hair make it possible to build the most daring and impossible hair , become a star party being dressed, even in the most simple little dress.

Long Hairstyles in 2012

In 2012 the fashion for long hair remains unshakeable. Stylists are always a few offer both completely different but equally attractive ideas for resolving the issue: what are the long hair up to date?
Major trends in the world of style as follows . Consistently popular negligent, as if the wind tousled hair. Gaining momentum style of "grunge", with its bold, jagged lines and tousled bangs. Latest hairstyles for long hair in a retro style, imitating the 60's and fashion "daring '90s." Not losing ground and naturalness, as embodied in the classic haircuts and uniform staining.
Great attention enjoys creative coloring , based on a combination bold. On the bright strands of hair look great juicy flashy colors such as pink. An interesting effect is the mix of black and purple tones.
fashionistas can choose from such traditional options, like a square (slightly elongated), cut CESSON or a well-known cascade. The advantage of these options is that they are suitable for almost everyone.

Various Spit continue to decorate the head beauties . Sly like a streaming weaving, intertwined in intricate patterns. With the spit, you can create an image as an impregnable royal personages, as well as a simple shepherdess.
Simple, but effective hair - high tail. It emphasizes the thickness of hair and their health. Done easily and is suitable for business meetings and leisure in a trendy club. End fashion image bangs, torn, or perfectly smooth, thick and light.
In combination with the long hair professionals are advised to wear accessories such as scarves and shawls . Colorful ribbons, laces, brooches and other jewelry can give hair a charm. In this case, we must know when to stop and not turn into a Christmas tree, lavishly decorated with toys.
Traditional angelic curls continue to create images for the young, romantic ladies. In conjunction with the soft coloring light waves give a stunning effect. What is more elaborate styling, the better. And to create such an effect will cut a ladder and big curlers.
In a fashion natural hues, smooth transitions of color. And if you're lucky winner of red hair, then you are lucky, this season copper - the main fashion trend.
New, proposed by European designers - cropped whiskey while maintaining the length of hair . Such a bold combination will have a very shocking way ladies, eager attention.
pilings options presented - is, of course, only general trends, destinations, which should not be taken literally. Simply copying a fashion of friction will not bring the desired effect. Any hairstyle looks perfect only when it is combined with the squad when it is appropriate and emphasizes the status of your curls.
It is in your hands - the main instrument of beauty - long flowing hair, from which you can create incredibly beautiful hair . I hope the advice of stylists will help you bring your ideas to life and use your beauty to the fullest.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Styling Curly Hair for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day can be a very hectic time of the year! As a mother, your family wants to show their love and appreciation for all you do on a daily basis. However, this can limit the amount of time you have to style your curly hair for a thoughtful but last minute dinner reservation or celebration. 

Below are two simple, fast and feminine curly hairstyles you can achieve within a reasonable amount of time and still achieve fabulous frizz-free curly hair!

After you have shampooed and conditioned your hair and then apply Curly Hair Solutions™ Curl Keeper™ to wet hair and scrunch the product into your curls create fabulous frizz-free curls.  Make sure you hear the ‘squish’ noise, which indicates that you have used enough Curl Keeper. For extra hold; scrunch in some Curly Hair Solutions™ Gel to give your curls extra support. Use the Universal Finger Diffuser and flip your head over and begin to scrunch and diffuse to speed up the drying process if you are pressed for time. Be sure not to create much movement while diffusing, as movement creates more frizzy curls.

Once your curly hair is dry, gently soften the product in your hair and create volume by flipping your head over and use your fingers to shake your hair.

Curly Hairstyle #1: Curly Side Bun 
This hairstyle is most suited for long curly hair or wavy hair. This hairstyle is fantastic if you prefer to wear your curly hair up: 
1. Create a side ponytail and while keeping the ponytail loose, wrap an elastic around the ponytail twice. On the third wrap around don’t pull it all the way through and create a bun. You can opt to loosen and/or pull a few strands of hair out to make it a more natural and romantic style.
2. Add in a flower accessory or a pretty clip to hide the elastic.

Curly Hairstyle #2: Add a Head Band
This hairstyle is best suited for wavy curly hair. This hairstyle is great to apply, if you prefer to wear your curly hair down:
1. Apply a small amount of Tweek™ to the root area to create more volume and bounce. Use the remaining amount of product on your hands to gently smooth down any flyaways.
2. Create a half up-do by finger-combing the top half section of your hair back and securing it with a few bobbie pins or a small clip. Don’t worry if you have a few loose strands around your face.
3. Take a thin, cute head band and slip it on pushing your hair back from your face and hairline.

These simple curly hairstyles will highlight your gorgeous curls, save you time and will give you a versatile look no matter what the occasion. We wish you all a Happy Mother’s Day!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mother's Day Free Shipping Event

Mother’s day falls perfectly in the heart of Spring. For curly hair Spring represents newness and rebirth. It is the time when people start to embrace change and freshen up their curls knowing that the summer is just around the corner. New hairstyles fulfill the need for change. There are so many different styles for curly hair for all curl types. Browse our Hair Gallery to see many different styles and check out the Curl Category page to see which curl category your curls fit into.  

Mothers everywhere deserve to be pampered on Mother’s day.  Treat yourself and your mother to something special this year. The gift of Curl Freedom will be the beginning of a great Spring and Summer.