Saturday, May 21, 2011

Patrick Cameron's Method of Long Hair Care

Patrick Cameron is a top hairstylist and author of Dressing Long Hair, in which he demonstrates a variety of long hair updos. Following are Patrick's steps to long hair preparation before attempting updos:

To keep long hair beautiful, Patrick recommends a care regime that includes regular trims to remove split ends. It continues with shampoos, conditioners, and styling products specially designed for long hair.

To strengthen, protect, and add shine to long hair, Patrick recommends using specialist conditioning products. He applies a creamy conditioner through the length of the hair and leaves it on for 10 minutes for an intensive pre-wash conditioning.

Patrick also recommends using liquid repair products containing keratin and amino acids that penetrate deep into the hair shaft, filling in and rebuilding broken bonds. Used regularly on long hair, Patrick says it will strengthen and form a protective seal that reduces the risk of future damage, making hair feel thicker and stronger.

Patrick says mousse is the most versatile styling product. He recommends an alcohol-free version that contains conditioning agents and proteins to nurture and protect the hair. Patrick recommends using an amount the size of an orange for long hair.

For bounce and movement, Patrick recommends misting long hair with a volumizing spray containing essential moisturizers that work to balance the hair's condition. He says good products give a natural hold without stickiness.

Drying and Finishing

Long Curly Hair Care

Patrick uses a curling iron to curl tendrils, and a straightening iron to iron out frizz and give a smooth finish.
Patrick says to use a diffuser to encourage curl. He says to blot hair with a towel to remove excess moisture, then apply a volumizing spray or mousse. Lift hair with your fingers while using the diffuser to ensure even distribution of warm air.
Patrick recommends using professional heated styling appliances on long hair to smooth the hair, build body, straighten, or curl hair efficiently and easily without, he says, risk of damage.
Patrick recommends blow-drying using a round bristle brish for smoothness. Use the nozzle for direct air-flow and point dryer downwards to flatten cuticle and create maximum shine.
Add body using a vent brush with a hollow center that allows the air-flow from the dryer to pass through.

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