Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hair Decadance: Avon's Four Seasons Spa Treatment

Editor's note: Sadly, The Avon Salon & Spa has closed.
Still, we hope this article will still give you an idea of the kind of
hair-friendly spa services that are possible.

The Avon Salon & Spa in New York has introduced a delightfully decadent hair treatment. Lasting a full 90 minutes, this service is for the truly hair obsessed who won't settle for a run-of-the-mill deep conditioning.

The first step is a hair and scalp analysis so the salon technician can determine the best formula to enhance your hair's shine, strength and color.
She then mixes an essential oil blend - rosemary, sage and eucalyptus are popular ingredients - to balance the scalp. The blend is thoroughly worked in with a shiatsu scalp massage.

Once the client is fully relaxed, it's time to infuse the hair with moisture. Another blend of rosemary, sage, juniper berry and lemon is painted on the hair from root to tips. Hair is then twisted and secured in preparation for the special treatment mask. Depending on your hair's condition, the technician applies either a protein mask for fragile, chemically-treated hair, or a hydrating mask for curly or excessively dry hair.

On top of this mask, the technician applies the most unique and fragrant part of the treatment: real lemon and orange slices are pinned onto hair to enhance blonde tones, and tea or coffee grains are painted on to deepen brunette hues.

The client is left to relax under steam heat for 30 minutes as the entire treatment penetrates the hair and scalp. Hair is then washed with a soothing milk shampoo and coated with the last step, a rich, smoothing sesame mask.

Avon Senior Stylist George Crittenden created the treatment to give women a "blank slate" of healthy hair that will withstand home hair care for about two weeks.

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