Thursday, November 17, 2011

Winter Hat Hazards

The most frustrating thing that curly heads experience during the winter is that once you put on a toque or hat you end up with a style disaster on your hands. Wearing anything on top of your curly hair will flatten your curls and cause more frizz and flyaways. Unfortunately traditional styling products are not effective for fixing broken curly hairstyles. The most important thing to know is what techniques to use to restyle and bring curls back to life.

For fine hair it is all about rebuilding or tweaking your hairstyle starting at the root area. Curly heads know that the more movement created will result in more volume. Tweek™ is specifically developed to rebuild broken hairstyles for these situations.  Flip your hair over to reach the scalp and using Tweek™ slowly start to create movement in the root area. Once you have dealt with the roots, work Tweek™ into the hair by adding a bit more of Tweek™ through to the ends with your hands to create a fuller look. Thick curly hair usually does not require extra volume therefore, the focus is on smoothing the outer layer by controlling the flyaways. Squeeze a generous amount of Tweek™ through to the ends of the hair, let go and allow it to settle on its own.

Hat Tip: Curly heads have a tendency to stretch their curls out when pulling their hair back. This weakens the curls, especially around the face area. Make sure your hair is completely dry before putting pulling your hair back or putting on a hat. Even though it feels dry the tiny bit of hair moisture will still make the indentation more prominent. Wait a few hours to allow your curls to fully dry before putting on a hat.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Winterize Your Curls with the Power of Silk

Curly heads know that the combination of living in a cold climate and indoor heating starts to affect their curls. Every woman wants luxurious hair, and with curly hair changing dramatically in different climates makes it important to know how to manage your curls in all weather conditions.  In the cold winter months it is common for curly hair to become more dry and brittle making it challenging to maintain bouncy, healthy curls when all the moisture is being absorbed by central heating. 

Improve the way your curls react to the cold winter you must create a balance of moisture to keep the bounce and volume in your hair. Curly Hair Solutions™ has a series of unique silk-based products formulated to bring highly effective control to restore moisture, combat frizz and nourish the hair from the inside out. The size of the protein molecule determines how effectively it will protect and repair damage to the hair shaft. The quality of the protein, therefore, determines how much moisture each protein molecule can retain and repair. The protein used in all CHS products is essential for moisture because the protein molecule is extremely small, allowing for deeper penetration into the hair shaft. Curly Hair Solutions–Ě line of silk hair products includes, Silk Shampoo, Conditioner, Silk Leave-In Conditioner and Pure Silk Protein. Each of these products will help to maintain the perfect moisture level needed for your curls in the approaching dry winter months.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Jonathan Torch Collection of Curly Hair Styles for Fall/Winter – Angelic

This week’s curly hairstyle we will focus on from the Jonathan Torch Collection will be the last and most popular Angelic look. Make a bold statement about your softer side with a style reminiscent of innocence, freshness and purity. Think of soft winds blowing through luscious long curls, weightless and moving freely in the fresh air.

Here’s how to create the angelic look at home:

1. Begin with gorgeous frizz-free curls using Curl Keeper™ and the Skip Curl technique.
2. Dry hair using a hairdryer and diffuser. Separate hair into thick sections to create ringlets and achieve the maximum effect. 
3. Shake head often to soften the hair and loosen the curls.  
4. If desired, pin small sections of hair back from face using hair clips.

Now you have all the tips and steps needed to achieve the desired look for all occasions including weekend/playful, cultural, corporate professional, messy/sexy and angelic.