Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Case Against Hair Extensions

First, we here at Longhairlovers not against hair extensions for people with hair loss or thinning hair problems. Weaves can be very helpful for people suffering from these conditions who otherwise wouldn't feel good about themselves.

That said, we just can't stand to see a healthy young person sporting extensions in order to gain a couple of inches of length.

Please consider Exhibit A: Britney Jean Spears

Poor Brit-Brit was spotted out and about looking like THAT.

When asked about the photo, celebrity hair stylist Ken Paves actually defended the weave mishap, telling PEOPLE mag, “It’s not that big of a deal actually, we have all seen this before. A case of bed head, who hasn’t had it?”

He goes on to say, “The truth is that this is exactly how these extensions are applied, however we are not supposed to see them, that’s all. There are thousands and thousands of women walking around whose hair looks just like that ‘underneath’. The remedy is simply to cover it up.”

I shudder to think about the tears these thousands and thousands of women are going to shed when their extensions grow out or are removed, only to reveal their own stubby, dry, broken off strands underneath.

If you can grow your own hair, by all means, do it! Hair grows about 1/2" per month, so you really don't have to wait that long for at least shoulder-grazing tresses. Taking the fast path to longer hair will not only damage your own hair and scalp, it can possibly lead to permanent hair loss due to traction alopecia. If Britney's still not convinced, perhaps she should ask Naomi Campbell, who's showing her own signs of hair loss after years and years of wearing tight weaves.

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