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Jane Seymour's Stylist Shares Her Hair Care Secrets

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Actress Jane Seymour is world-famous for her gorgeous long hair as well as for her amazing career that has spanned more than three decades. She was kind enough to put us in touch with her hairstylist in Malibu, California, who exclusively shared Jane's long hair care secrets with Longhairlovers.

Marie Fero of The Colony Salon has worked with Jane Seymour for the past three years. During that time, Marie says Jane's hair has become dramatically thicker and healthier, thanks to the right tools and products.

Jane's Hair Type

According to Marie, Jane's mid-back length hair is very fine, but abundant. Although mostly straight, Jane's hair has a slight wave that gives it lots of body and bounce.

Hair Color

When Jane's hair has to be perfect for an acting project or one of her many charity functions, she has her color touched up as often as every three weeks, which is why Marie says gentle coloring products are so important.

Before beginning the coloring process, Marie applies a professional EC Mode product called Ultra Crystal Gel to Jane's hair with a heat cap for 20 minutes. The special gel removes minerals and other build-up. This allows the hair to receive more color molecules in a shorter amount of time, so less damage is done to hair.

Marie uses Goldwell hair color on Jane because of its low ammonia content. Marie weaves in three different shades to create depth: red, blonde, and Jane's natural medium golden brown. She's careful to touch up Jane's regrowth - never the ends - because, she says, overlapping color on long hair weakens the hair shaft and leads to breakage.

On Jane's fragile ends, Marie uses a protein-enriched color depositing conditioner by Goldwell called Colorance. This product contains no ammonia and only a small amount of peroxide to freshen color without excessive damage.

After coloring Jane's hair, Marie uses EC Mode's Emergent-C Ultra ReVitalizer, which stops the oxidation process that can continue for up to 24 hours after coloring. Stopping the process immediately leaves hair stronger and healthier.


Marie says that Jane's hair grows fast: about 3/4 to 1-inch per month, so she has her ends trimmed every few weeks to keep them in good condition. Jane prefers slight layering around the ends for movement, plus a soft fringe around her face for styling versatility.

When styling Jane's hair for a big event, Marie likes Phytologie products. She uses the Phytodefrisant Baume when Jane wants a smooth straight look and Phytolaque Soie finishing spray with silk fibers to smooth and fortify hair.

At-Home Products

To maintain her healthy long hair, Marie says Jane loves EC Mode products. EC Mode takes a "wellness approach to beauty," which appeals to Jane. Her favorite products include the Hair Thickening Shampoo for volume and the Brilliant Detangling Conditioner for shine and manageability.

Marie says that Jane loves her Mason Pearson hair brush because it stimulates her scalp while detangling. She also uses a negative ion hair dryer that leaves hair shiny, smooth and in great condition.

Marie Fero can be reached at The Colony Salon, 23710 Malibu Rd., Malibu, CA 90265. Call 310-456-3112 for an appointment. 

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