Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spring Curly Hair Coloring

Winter is almost over, and we are looking forward to spring. Autumn colors are starting to fade and spring tones will become the new curly hair style. This change will boost your spirits and get you ready for the warm weather. With the proper hair care and product selection, blondes do not have to be brassy, reds do not have to fade, and browns are able to hold their true shine. Highlighting your curly hair avoids color commitment so you will not have to have the pressure of monthly upkeep. Choosing tones that provide brightness, richness, and depth will create more versatility and show definition in individual ringlets. Selecting the right hair color is the quickest and easiest way to make a person look and feel younger.   

The right color application will depend if the stylist knows and understands the dynamics of curly hair. For instance, people with naturally curly hair usually have more hair at the root area than at the bottom. With curly hair, if you braid a section of hair starting at the root area, by the end of the hair shaft there is very little left. Adding highlights and lowlights to curly hair, especially to the root area, will give the illusion of more body and volume. Further, the density of curly hair is vastly different compared to straight hair. When you are looking at curly hair, you almost always have to look at the ends of the hair, not the root area, to see how many hairs there are and determine what color you want the ends to be.  

As fun and refreshing as it can be to spice things up with some color, curly hair is vulnerable to color damage that can cause problems for curl and style management. It’s important to add strength and moisture to color treated hair, since chemical treatments often leave hair feeling drier and much more brittle. To re- strengthen brittle hair that has lost its elasticity, one should use CHS Treatment Shampoo. It has a large concentration of magnesium and panthanol that when deposited, repairs the roughest hair cuticle. With consistent usage you will have stronger, fuller hair that has a deeper “S” formation to the curl. Afterwards, you can then apply the deep curly hair conditioner, Pure Silk Protein, to your hair. It contains copious amounts of silk proteins that add significantly more moisture to colored hair, leaving it feeling softer and giving you lasting vibrant color because of the perfect pH balance of 3.5-4. 

With spring around the corner and having the urge for a change, choosing the right colors, using the right application methods and products to maintain your new look is important. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Texture Curls at American Beauty Show in Chicago

Over the years the hair industry has slowly started to embrace natural curly hair. With the influence of chemical straightening and flatirons, the straight hair trend suited the industry and hairdressers kept busy blow drying and flat ironing curly hair straight. Natural curls continue to become more popular as time goes on with more exposure on runways, fashion magazines, celebrities and everyday people walking down the street.  

Finally a few years ago the first “texture” panel was assembled at an industry trade show that addressed curly hair and brought together the top curly hair experts in the industry. Curly Hair Solutions™ was a part of that panel which showcased the pioneers of curly hair at the time. This panel was a very small detail to an extremely large industry trade show that, as usual, has always focused on curly hairstyles that consisted of straightening and flattening curly hair.

This year curly hair has at last made it on to the floor and on the main stage at the very same industry trade show with huge coverage from hairdressers, media and celebrities. From March 3rd – 5th Curly Hair Solutions™ is part of the Texture exhibit that has become a must-see segment within the hair industry. Jonathan Torch and the Curly Hair Solutions™ team will present on the main Texture stage at American Beauty Show in Chicago along with the top curl stylists from around the world to educate and teach our theories, techniques and of course, how to get the best results from our curly hair products.  

Texture has become a trending term for curly hair which is suitable because of the different varieties that curly hair comes in. Anything from a loose curl to extremely kinky curls falls within the Texture category. We are excited to be a part of such a large and innovated endeavor and will keep our fans and members posted with post-event pictures and highlights.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Curly Hair Speed Styling

Many people do not have enough time in the morning to style their hair to perfection. Curly heads know how important it is to be able to style their hair when short of time. Styling curly hair is the first critical preparation stage on which to achieve your desired curly hairstyle. Spending a few extra minutes in this stage will ensure your look will last longer. Using high heated appliances such as curling irons or hot rollers to create your curls, you will notice more frizz, especially in humidity and when perspiring. Achieving your curls through the styling and drying process from wet to dry you will have more control over the frizz in all weather conditions and activity.

Styling products for curly hair that contain alcohol or oils may help speed up drying time but comes with the cost of damaging the hair. The use of alcohol in curly hair products will dry out the hair and strip away necessary moisture. Products that contain oil will create a cosmetic coating on the hair which will eventually make your curls unmanageable.

There are many different techniques that can be applied to each curl type. It’s important to note which process will reduce styling and drying time and still give you a gorgeous frizz-free curly hairstyle. After applying our frizz control and curl defining styling product, Curl Keeper™, you can speed up the drying process by using a diffuser on high heat. Using styling accessories such as the Universal Diffuser or Bonnet Hood Dryer will help control frizz and speed up the drying time. Hanging your head over while bending forward will give your curls more volume and bounce. Be sure not to hold the diffuser too close to the curls as this will create frizz. Instead prevent frizzy hair by holding the diffuser at a distance with as little movement as possible. Once the hair is surface dry, you are able to diffuse closer to the root area to soften the curls. After your hair is completely dry, if you have any frizzy areas caused by too much movement or overplaying or drying, simply reactivate Curl Keeper™ by simply running wet hands over frizzy areas.