Thursday, March 29, 2012

Celebrity Curly Hairstyles

Written by: Shannon Shelton Miller 

Loose flowing curls, mermaid-like waves and crafted coils are all the rage on the red carpet these days, as textured hair is increasingly taking center stage at some of the world’s most glamorous venues.

From the Oscars to the Emmys, Grammys and Juno Awards, many of today’s hottest stars are forgoing their flat irons on the biggest nights of the year to either create soft, flowing curls or enhance the ones they already have.

Here are some of our favorite curly hairstyles from across the texture spectrum – from the up-and-comers and trendsetters of the recent past to the now-iconic stars whose hair we’ve grown to know and love.

 Nicole Kidman Curly Hairstyle 
Nicole Kidman: Who can forget those cascading strawberry blonde ringlets? Whether long or cropped, Kidman’s hair always left quite the impression. This Aussie star has gone for a smoother, wavier look recently, but you can have both. For the tight curl pattern, use more Curl Keeper and move hair around after it begins to dry. For the looser look, adding Extenzz to Curl Keeper will loosen tighter curls for a longer look.  

Taylor Swift Curly Hairstyle 

Taylor Swift: The blonde curls on America’s country-pop sweetheart make her even more endearing to her already devoted fans. If you have a loose curl or wave, get Swift’s style through a mix of Curl Keeper for frizz control and Gel for added hold and support.  ReMane Straight for safe straightening is a cinch.

 Viola Davis Curly Hairstyle 

Viola Davis: The Oscar-nominated star of “The Help” wouldn’t have made this list before her appearance at the 2012 Academy Awards. That’s when she got rid of her signature wigs and showed off her natural curly hair – enhanced with reddish brown color – on the red carpet. Get this short cropped look with liberal amounts of Curl Keeper and Silk Leave-In Conditioner and you’re ready to go.  

Want to achieve Penelope Cruz, Carrie Underwood, Julie Roberts or Esperanza Spalding curly hairstyle? Read the entire article - Celebrity Curly Hairstyles and find out how to get those glamorous frizz-free styles.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Curl Transition Tips

With spring officially being a week away, and now it’s the right time to start preparing our curly hair for the seasonal transition. Spring weather can be very unpredictable, going from nice warm temperatures to sudden rain, and then suddenly back down to cooler temperatures.  March is the month that we should take this time to have our curls accurately assessed for any damage as a result of the winter months. Once we know what products are right for our hair, we can repair damage, deepen our curl pattern, and add moisture and bounce back into our curls.

Here are some useful tips for each curl type that will assist you in adding the bounce back to your curls:

For loose curls, after you applied Curl Keeper™ add a bit of Curly Hair Solutions™ Gel while scrunching to give your curls extra hold and enhance your curl formation. This combination of Curl Keeper™ and Gel will ensure frizz-free curls with the right amount of hold to achieve a fuller style for a loose curl.

For medium curls, use the Skip Curl Technique along with Curl Keeper™. Scrunching with added Gel will spring up your curls adding more fullness to your style. After scrunching, group a few sections of curls and clamp them with the Roller Jaw Clamps. This will help achieve even more lift and volume at the root.

For tight curls, using a deep moisturizing treatment such as Curly Hair Solutions™ Pure Silk Protein will give your thirsty curls the added moisture they need, especially after the loss of moisture during the winter months. With the season change and as the weather continues to get warmer, increase the amount of Extenzz™, with Curl Keeper™. This will help you maintain the control of excess bulk you experienced through the dry winter season. 

Start the spring season off on the right foot! With the right curly products and the right techniques you will be able to add bounce back into your curls and still get total frizz control. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hair loss: causes and solutions

Every day we lose 30 to 60 hairs. This is normal. But more than 100, no! Hair loss can be explained and good news, we can even fix it! Discover the causes and solutions to hair loss. The main causes: fatigue, stress, hormonal disorder, pregnancy or psychological trauma. Your hair is it healthy? Not easy to have lost hair on the brush in the shower or on the pillow. But in case of sudden drop, you will notice it. Women tend to lose their hair on the top of the skull and patchy, sometimes delaying the detection of a problem of alopecia. Your hair grows in cycles and fall well established. The life of a hair female is about six years. Then he falls and is replaced by another. A hair follicle can give birth to twenty hairs in a lifetime. And when it's over, it's over. Moreover, according to your hair color, you will have a more or less dense hair.

Hair Fall:
Your hair took to their heels? Do not panic. It may be a drop in "season" so called because they occur at the entrance of the fall or summer. In reality these falls have generally been very tired or under great stress. You did not notice anything? This is normal. The origin of evil is to be sought in the past. It is three months earlier than decides the fate of our hair. Between fatigue and accumulated before the summer holidays boosted by the hair and the sun (and which will therefore also more likely to fall), the equation is solved. You can experience a sudden drop of hair at any time of year. Remains is to discover what event served to trigger three months earlier.

Hormones to tame:
Our hair is quite sensitive to hormones. The hormonal disorders are the leading cause of alopecia in women. This is the situation facing many young mothers who sported a mane after stunning during pregnancy, are many hair loss after childbirth or after the end of breastfeeding. The hair is sensitive to estrogen, present in large quantities during pregnancy, they fall after delivery (or menopause) and carry with your hair. Hair loss can also be significant traces of a hormonal problem. Thyroid, pituitary, androgens or prolactin may explain abnormal hair loss. This type of hormonal disorder is more common among women from the Mediterranean basin. A blood test will check the rates of these various hormones.

Solutions for a hair of your dreams

A. If you are used to lack iron like many women, it may be necessary to take a dietary supplement. There are also dietary supplements designed to improve the health of your hair. 2. Avoid stress and recover if you were particularly tired. Your dermatologist will prescribe a lotion that is applied to the hairline and increases their growth rate. 3. Like many hair falls in shampoos, women prone to hair loss often avoid too important to wash your hair . But beware, an excess of sebum on the scalp will stop hair growth. It is therefore important to have a healthy hair. 4. Improve micro-circulation to your scalp by asking your boyfriend to massage your scalp. Finally, a good excuse to be pampered. 5. Many special treatments available on the market. Kérastase offers, for example, while an anti-fall. Densifying shampoo, lotion bulbs for slowing down, densifying care and food supplements are available to fight counter hair loss.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hairstyle for a true princess

Every girl dreams of becoming a princess in a beautiful dress and gorgeous hair. Girls grow up, dreams come true to a greater or lesser degree, but the desire to have beautiful, strong and well-groomed hair only grows stronger with age. This is understandable, since from ancient times the beauty of hair - one of the main elements of female attractiveness. It is clear, and every woman's desire to improve the appearance of their hair.

Methods for recovery of hair varied as the means, we promise to stunning effect. Shampoos and hair masks, conditioners and sprays, scrubs and paints ... rare woman does not know what to moisturize dry hair, oily, on the contrary - to expose a deep cleaning and thin - to give extra volume. That periodically need to nourish hair and provide vitamins - also it is no secret. But often, life becomes a sort of confrontation: we improve your hair with the help of useful procedures and, in contrast, serve a variety of harmful effects: dry indoor air, frequent styling, hard water and the like. Result if there is - it is not as impressive as we would like.

That would at one moment, as if by magic, her hair suddenly became chic ... And this is a stick! Name it - laminating hair. This procedure is carried out in the cabin, can in an instant to give your hair unprecedented strength and shine to make them exactly the same as those beauties on the cover of magazines. Of course, it is not cheap, but there is an alternative - homemade hair lamination . The principle at the salon and home laminating the same: the hair is applied to laminating compound that coats each hair, making it more smooth, thick, shiny and strong. It is as if covered with foil (transparent or color of your choice) that protects against the harmful effects, adds volume, color stability and facilitates styling. Tools for lamination can be purchased in a store or salon, and the procedure is not complicated home hair coloring, and by virtue of any woman. A few simple steps and a children's dream will come true: you become the owner of the luxury hair, causing the admiration of others, and worthy of any princess.

Stylish trendy haircuts negligence on the long hair in 2012

Women tend to love to change. Fundamental changes in the way of surprise surrounding the beautiful uniqueness. The change of hairstyle can change a woman's image beyond recognition. While long hair cuts much less one can always pick up a new fashionable hairstyle that will refresh the image of women.

Fashion Season 2012 elevated to the rank of ultra-feminine fashion trends, and long hair have become a major favorite of the year. After all long hair perfectly emphasize feminine grace, elegance and sensuality. All the hairstyles of the season characterized by stylish negligence. Crisp straight partings do not cause the interest, but the actual light ruffled. Multi-step gently cut the long hair, making hair moving, revitalizes and rejuvenates the image.

Very relevant haircut and the cascade of stairs. These haircuts are ideally combined with a variety of bangs, as absolutely flat and smooth and a little disheveled, laid on its side. It is possible to make a smooth or zigzag parting.

Cascade, cutting speed gives the naturalness and the naturalness of the image, moreover, it is always in fashion. Haircut ladder never leaves the fashion trends. Nice gradual smooth transition from long to short strands looks delicious. The combination of cutting bangs straight ladder - a fashion trend 2012.

Stylists have introduced a new fashion season, quite an extravagant haircut for long hair - cropped whiskey. With this hairstyle is not possible not to stand out from the crowd. Bob haircut for long hair, sparse, or with an oblique parting acquired in this season's enormous popularity. Favorite season, of course, was the angelic image. Haircut ladder and small luxurious curls, reflecting a state of mind, the women look pretty and cute.

Kids hairstyle Trends for Girls

Parents love to dress up their children. However, special attention is paid to children's hair, especially for girls. Of course, you must provide the right to choose hair and a girl to like not only you but also your child. Thus, we instill a sense of style, self-raising a child, and this is important.
Kids haircuts for girls should be easy to pack. Do not forget about the hobbies of children, the hair does not interfere in sports, or simply be entertained. The most common length hairstyles for girls - long and short hair to his shoulders. As a rule, the choice of parents in hairstyles for long hair on the tail stops - it is convenient and functional. But not very original.
not complicated hairstyles for children is actually set. We will be glad if you can pick up a new, original hairstyle for her daughter.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Baby Boys Hairstyle trends and haircut 2012

Children's haircuts for boys 2012 season. The range of haircuts boys from 2 years and older is growing every year, and happy. At first, choose a hairstyle for the child's parents, and usually the easiest and most convenient option. The older the child, the original chosen hairstyle for boys. And here are already input styling tools for hair care. Short hair length - it is really the easiest way out. Practicality is the determining factor when choosing a haircut. However, you should consider one fact - a short cut to mow more frequently so as not to lose shape cutting and accuracy in appearance. We present you a collection of haircuts for boys from 1 year and older. Hopefully, a new hairstyle please, both parents and children.

Evening Hairstyles Trends 2012

What is different from the usual evening hairstyle? Evening haircut - it's elegance, sophistication, femininity. and that's it! for you, ladies Pictures of the fashionable and beautiful hairstyles for the holidays. Be beautiful!